Sunday, June 14, 2009

Microsoft® Encyclopedia of Security | 7 MB

Get the single resource that defines and illustrates the rapidly evolving world of computer and network security. The MICROSOFT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SECURITY delivers more than 1000 cross-referenced entries detailing the latest security-related technologies, standards, products, services, and issues including sources and types of attacks, countermeasures, policies, and more. You get clear, concise explanations and case scenarios that deftly take you from concept to real-world application ready answers to help maximize security for your mission-critical systems and data. Know your vulnerabilities understand the ways black-hat attackers footprint and enumerate systems, exploit security holes, crack passwords, elevate privileges, and cover their tracks. Deploy your best defense review fundamental concepts of intrusion detection systems, encryption technologies, virus protection, and computer forensics. Stay one step ahead keep pace with emerging security technologies, such as Wi-Fi Protected Access and XML Encryption; recent government legislation; and the latest industry trends



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