Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maya Plug-In Power by Mark Jennings Smith | 16 MB

Expand your creative power with Maya! "Maya Plugin Power" introduces you to the tools and technology that can enhance your work in Maya. Beginning with an introduction to some basic information about plugin technology and how it works with Maya, you'll discover a world of powerful plugin software programs you can use to create advanced effects and animation with Maya. Learn how to take Maya's modeling ability to new limits as you create realistic hair and fur for your characters and model cloth for cool costumes. Explore lighting and rendering techniques and methods to create cool scenes with water and waves. You'll even learn how to incorporate textures, colors, and clothing as well as rig both characters and crafts in your animations. Fun, hands-on tutorials will show you how to use each of the plugin tools covered and example images will show you the finished effect. A companion DVD features all the files you need to complete the projects in the book and links to the plugins presented. Filled with tips and advice from industry pros, "Maya Plugin Power" helps you maximize the graphics and animation capabilities of Maya.



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