Sunday, June 14, 2009

Certified SolidWorks 2008 Associate CSWA Exam Guide | 6.49 MB

Certified SolidWorks® 2008 Associate CSWA Exam Guide covers the key topics contained on the exam with the aim of helping readers to master each topic as well as the exam itself. The book is more than a collection of practice exam questions because it also devotes attention to the concepts and implementation details that underlie the CSWA process, providing readers with a thorough and comprehensive foundation in SolidWorks. Each chapter in this book is geared toward helping you discover the topics that are on the CSWA exam, pinpoint where you have a knowledge deficiency, and determine what you need to know to master these topics. Ideal for anyone with a basic knowledge of SolidWorks and engineering fundamentals, this book will help you get the certification you need to land the best jobs, get the best promotions, and become a successful professional.



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